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Twyford Church of England High School Admissions criteria The below criteria has been summarised, for the full admissions policy and arrangements please visit the school website: www.twyford.ealing.sch.uk/attending-our-school/admissions Planned admission number: 190 places Of the 190 places available: 150 are designated as Foundation (Christian) places 21 are designated as World Faith places 19 are designated as Specialist Music Scholar places In the event of undersubscription, i.e. if the number of applications for Foundation (Christian) places is less than the places available, the shortfall of allocated places will be transferred to the World Faith category. If the number of applications for World Faith Places is less than the places available, the shortfall of allocated places will be transferred to the Foundation (Christian) category. Applicants wishing to apply for a place for their child for one of the above categories are asked to refer to the relevant admissions criteria for that category, and complete the appropriate Supplementary Information/Application form. If a supplementary religious reference is received after the published closing date it will be acknowledged but cannot be considered until after the Pan London offers are made in March 2018. Parents are strongly advised to send all applications by registered/recorded post. When there are more applicants than the number of places available, the Governors will admit according to the admissions criteria. After the admission of children with an EHCP all Looked After Children or children who were Previously Looked After, whether of a particular faith or no faith, have priority over all other applications. Looked After and Previously Looked After Children, will be allocated a place from one of the above categories. If a Supplementary Information/Application Form is not submitted in relation to a Looked After or Previously Looked After Child, they will be allocated a place pro rata from the Foundation/World Faith categories. The number of places available in these categories will be reduced accordingly and, in the event of oversubscription, the remaining places will be allocated according to the relevant oversubscription criteria for that category. The total points scored will be the first deciding factor based on the answers given to the questions detailed in sections 1 to 4 of the supplementary information form (religious reference) which relate to attendance of families. In the event of a shortfall of applicants providing a religious reference, those applicants who have listed Twyford as one of their choices on the Common Application Form, but not provided a religious reference, will be considered. If there are more of such applicants than places available, then the same tie break criteria for applicants that have the same number of points will be applied. Where applicants have the same total number of points, the following criteria will be used as a tie break: 1. Children with a sibling (sibling refers to all blood, half, step, adoptive and foster children who live at the same home address as the child already attending the school and will be attending the school at the time of the sibling’s attendance) at the school, with distance criteria as set out below (2 – 5) being used as a tie break. 2. Applicants living in the Ealing Deanery area, with the distance criteria applied. 3. Applicants living in the Brent & Harrow Deanery areas, with the distance criteria applied. 4. Applicants living in the Hillingdon Deanery area, with the distance criteria applied. 5. Applicants living outside the above categories 2-4, with the distance criteria applied. In all cases, the distance from home to school is measured by straight line from a point in the property to the nearest gated entrance which is used by pupils to enter the school grounds. The measuring system is an integral part of the admissions software. It uses Ordnance Survey maps and is accurate to 2 metres. For multi occupancy buildings such as flats, the measurement is taken from a point in the property and applicants from that building are ordered by independently administered random allocation. In any other case, where applicants have the same priority on distance, independently administered random allocation will be the final deciding factor. A map showing the Deanery areas is displayed in the school reception area and will be available on the school website. Multiple births The school does not give priority under its admission criteria for twins, triplets or other children from multiple births. However the school will endeavour, wherever possible, not to separate these children. Starting High School 2018 43