High School Admissions - Page 3

Dear parent/carer Here in Ealing, we appreciate that making the transition from primary to high school is not only a major step for your child, but for you as a parent as well. While being a very exciting time, it can also often be a daunting prospect for both children and parents alike. To help simplify the process, we have produced this step-by-step guide to help you with all the challenges this all important transfer process might bring, such as new routines, making new friends and greater academic demands. This brochure aims to make this transition phase as smooth as possible by providing you with all the necessary information you should need to apply for a high school place. It includes: • school open evening dates and times to provide you with the opportunity to visit schools, hear from head-teachers and ask any questions you might have; • information produced by each of our 15 high schools on the type of education they offer and their admission criteria; • details of how to apply online via the e-admissions website or on paper; • contact details of organisations you may wish to contact for further advice and assistance with making your application; • information about admission advice sessions run by the admissions team and • information on services and help that can be accessed once your child has started high school. In addition to reading this brochure, we also recommend that you contact the schools you are interested in to request copies of their detailed prospectuses, as well as arranging visits. Should you have any queries about the high school application process, please contact Ealing’s school admissions team, for whom the contact details are listed at the back of this brochure. Your child’s primary school should also be able to advise you. Ealing continues to provide a good level of high school education, with overall pupil performances exceeding the national average, whilst individual pupils continue to make good progress within their school’s community. However, we are continuing with our work to raise standards further and thereby help improve the futures of the borough’s children and young people. The council, along with free school providers and the Education Funding Agency (EFA) are continuing to work together to open new free schools and provide the much needed school places within the borough. We are working towards creating 4,575 additional high school places by 2019 as compared to a decade ago. All schools in Ealing place great importance on the continuity of education for children making the move up from primary to high school, and to this end they work very closely together to make sure that pupils are supported during this stage of their school career. Education should be an interesting and enjoyable journey of discovery, learning and personal success. With your support, we hope to ensure that your child will embark on the next stage of their school journey and reach their full potential. Councillor Binda Rai Cabinet Member for Children and Young People Starting High School 2018 3