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Brentside High School Admissions criteria The below criteria has been summarised, for the full admissions policy and arrangements please visit the school website: www.brentsidehigh.ealing.sch.uk Planned admission number: 280 places Where the number of applications is greater than the planned admission number, applications will be considered against the criteria set out below. After the allocation of children with an EHC plan, the admission criteria will be applied in the following order of priority: 1. Looked After Children and previously looked after children. Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order). 2. Children with an older brother or sister attending the school at the time of application who will be at the school in September 2018. Sibling refers to brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, step brother or sister, or the child of the parent / carer’s partner, and in every case, the child should be living in the same family unit at the same address. 3. Children with a parent who has been employed by Brentside High School for a minimum of two years before date of application or who has been recruited to meet a particular skills shortage. How places were offered in 2017 Admissions criteria Offers made on national offer day Criteria 1 to 3 All applicants offered Criteria 4 Distance of last child to be offered: 1.875 miles Waiting lists If it is not possible to offer a place to a child immediately, parents can ask for their child’s name to be placed on a waiting list. The criteria for admission will be used to determine the position on the waiting list. The waiting list for Year 7 places in 2018 will be maintained until 01/01/2019. Waiting lists for other year groups will be cleared at the end of each term. Sixth form admissions Applications for sixth form are made directly to the school. Please visit the school website for the sixth form admissions policy: www.brentsidehigh.ealing.sch.uk For detailed information about the school and to read their prospectus please visit the school website: www.brentsidehigh.ealing.sch.uk 4. Proximity of the child’s home to the school measured as a straight line. The distance from the child’s home to Brentside High School is measured by straight line from the front door of the child’s home to the nearest gated entrance which is used by pupils to enter the school grounds. If two or more students have equal priority under the distance criteria random allocation will be used. Starting High School 2018 23