High Pressure Fan LIterature

Crary’s High Pressure, Centrifugal Fans For High Pressure Air Flow & Efficient Vacuum Systems! Three fans are available with 6, 8 or 10 inch diameter outlets and can be used in many agricultural, industrial and commercial applications IMPROVE YOUR AIR FLOW! 4 Air delivery on air seeders, granular applicators, and planters 4 High pressure air stream on air reels; chaff spreaders; potato, onion and vegetable harvesters 4 Vacuums and blowers for industrial applications FEATURES YOU NEED! 4 Durable cast aluminum, non-corrosive, lightweight housing 4 Compact size 4 Clockwise or counter clockwise rotation available 4 Custom fabricated sizes and configurations are also available 4 Available for belt, hydraulic, engine or electric drive. A hub and shaft assembly is available for belt drive. For hydraulic drive, fan is available less motor or with several motor options. Motor mounting plates available include SAE A, B or C-two bolt or four bolt mounting 4 Fan rotor uses QD style bushings. Standard and metric bores available 4 Unique flow control, overrunning check, and reverse check are available on hydraulic motor driven fans Trust the leading fan supplier to deliver the custom air solutions that today’s growers are demanding! We will engineer a system that fits your application! Contact us today and let's get started! 800.247.7335 • www.craryfans.com