Hi name, His values, His story - Page 9

IT WAS AN ARDUOUS JOURNEY When he was just 16 years old, Ray’s family still living in Hobart, was urged by Joseph’s ailing brother George to take over the prosperous business he had established in distant Thargomindah, in outback Queensland. Joseph agreed. It was an arduous journey. First by ship to Sydney, then overland all the way to remote western Queensland where they finally arrived. But Joseph was not the right man to run that business. Joseph’s teetotal beliefs, from his strict Methodist upbringing, prevented him from maintaining the sale of liquor – the main profit earner. The business quickly failed. Fortunately, Joseph’s descendants did not share his teetotal habit! After the fiasco of the general store, Joseph left town with his family and moved east to Crows Nest – another small country town. There he opened a drapery store. Right: Joseph White’s (Ray’s father) drapery store in Crows Nest