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RAY WHITE TODAY The company has continued to test its potential. New services, new locations, and the momentum continues with a constant restless determination. A superb group of key executives is now moulded into the new and broad Ray White family. The company is the clear leader in residential sales across Australasia and Indonesia and is increasingly significant in Commercial, Rural and other non-residential agency activities. Of particular importance was the decision by the family to open its own office in Beijing in 2013. Now, Loan Market, a major mortgage brokerage, enables buyers to be presented with their best finance options. The company is determined to be at the cutting edge of property management skills and services. White & Partners offers specialist property advice. With the success of the Ray White Indonesian network, progress is being made in many other international markets. Underlying all of this is the family’s continued ownership of the group and the day-to-day commitment by the third and fourth generation descendants. 28