HHE Haematology supplement 2018 - Page 26

Currently for the majority of dose-banded items outsourced to specials manufacturers, a minimum quantity (five of one particular drug and strength) has to be ordered. With licensed products, it is likely that minimum orders would not be needed. LSCDs could become part of a normal delivery from a wholesaler. Often orders placed to wholesalers are available the next day rather than the usual five-day turnaround from specials; this would allow a smaller stock holding as fewer items could be ordered (but more frequently) to meet the local need. LSCDs would have product branding and design incorporated into their marketing authorisation applications. This process ensures that product licence holders ensure a risk reduction in their labelling and identification of different product strengths, and which would reduce the chance of picking errors within the pharmacy as the majority of products from a single specials supplier would usually look the same and might only be differentiated by reading the label for drug and dose. At present, there is an individual licensed ready-made chemotherapy agent – Sun Pharmaceuticals’ gemcitabine – available on the market. 8 The product was table 2 Key implications for the introduction of licensed standardised chemotherapy doses • Extended product shelf life – helping with reduction of ‘wasted’ doses • Removal of unlicensed product quality assurance processes • Increased capacity for NHS aseptic units to participate in/expand CIVAS service, complex IMP manufacture in clinical trials • Quicker turnaround times, for ordering licensed standardised chemotherapy doses in contrast to outsourced chemotherapy batch ordering • Reduction in picking errors – as licensed products must undergo branding and design • Release of aseptic unit s Y\X\]H[\X]]Y\[\XH][Y[ ܈^[\K\X\[][Y[ YZ[[[][Y[[XYHX\][[H]][ۘ[H[ˈ\\[H[HH L Y Y[XX[]YX[Hق[X]X[H L YL[ M YM[ŒN YN [ Y̌ [ Y̌[˜H M YH[H]Z[XH[[[Y\ N B\\[Y[HY\[\Y]\ \^\Y[H[[\[Y[][ۂ]Z[ۈ^[\[]\]H][‘[][ۈ\ H[\[Y[YH\HوBX[YXYHYZ[\\[X]X[HY˜[\\Y[[YXX[[H\و^\˂ۙ\][X[YX\Hۈ]\YH L\و[X]X[H\[۝\YY[YBH[ۈ\X]]Y\ˈ܈^[\K\ܙ[\][ۈ\ۙHوH[]X[R•\H[Y[HPS[X[X[H[Z\Y ۝Y [[X[YH\BۙHوH[\Y][ۘ[YYX[[XŠSTKY[Y[\]Z\YX[YX\[[\Xۙ][ۜ[]Y[]]]H›Y[ܝ^\H[YKHY\[H[[YHZ[\ۙHH[\[]\]X]\ Z[]\و[YH]Y \š\[X\[HۈX[ۈ\X\X[[ܚY][\][ۋ^H[\B[]\][ۈ[X[YX\[K\ۙHX[HYY][K\^Y\X[\[\\YܙB]Y \\[۝وY[YHB\Yۈ\\ˈH]H[Bܙ\[\H[\HوHX\HX\B[ZYܝ\ H\HXHY\\H]وXX[[[Z]BXH\]Z\Y\H\HۙY[وXZ][™[]\Y\]\]Y[Y\[\H\YY\\[HYZ[HXXYX][ۂ[^H\HXZ]Y \YܙK\H\™[^H[Z[XH\HH\ˈ\][\BY[[ۙY H]H]Z[XH[YH[\Y\ZY[X[HܜX[[[H\ L[۝[H\[BX \H]HY[\ܝYX[܂\[[\ܜ˂ۘ\[ۜ•XH \H^H]]H[\X][ۜ܂H[X[ۈو[Z\[X[[\X\ˈ]\X[]KH]B[\[Y[YH\HوHX[YXYH˜YZ[\\[X]X[HY[H[Y]˜\H]Y[ H N][X[\KBY\[\ŒH[[[[\\B[X[Y\[Hܛ\ ˂[[ ˝Z[Z\[ۚ[œX\\X\ۜXܙܛ\ X˜ X\YX^H N K\][ۘ[X]]H[\ܛX[H[[\˜X]H][Έ[\[Y\X][ۜˈ[[\[[\ܝ܈H\\Y[قX[Hܙ\\و\˂XX\H M\XX]]X[]X[]B\\[H[Z]YH]]\ۘH\XXB\X][ۋ MZY[BۈX[Y[H\[[\HوXYK]XYZ[\\[[\\H\܈BˈHZYK\[ۈ HK[[ H[Y[[\\HXXYX][ۜˈ˙[[ ˝Z[Z\[ۚ[XB\X\ۜXܙܛ\ X، ™KX[Y X[[\\KB[\\Y \X BXYX][ۜ X\YX^H N KHX[^HK]X[]H\\[Bو\\X\\][ۈ\X\œ[\ˈ\K\\ ΂Z[[Z\[\][XXBYYX[\ˈ ]Y][ۋX[\XX]]X[Y]H[\XX]]X[]X[]B\\[H[Z]YN MYYX[\[X[XY[]ܞHY[K^HYYX[KX\][˜]]ܚ\][ۈ[ܛX][ۂXY] ˛ZK݋ZYK™ܛ\[\ZX[X]\\\\ی NL  X\YX^H N K[\ݙ[Y[ \XXB\\X\X\]Y][[X\Bو^H[[ˈX\ N ˜˛˝Z X۝[ \Y̌ N ӒKP\\XB[[X\KX[ Q[[̎ N  X\YX^H N K[X[X[˙݋PSH[Z\Y ۝Y [[X[ \H YHقY[Y[^[Y]\ۙB\\Y]X[YZYK™^[Y]\ۙH܈]Y[][\YYXܞH][\B^Y[XH\HYXܞH›[[YZYK]YP\ ML LMNMK΋˜[X[X[˙݋ “ MLN LH X\YX^B N K