HHE Cardiovascular supplement 2018 - Page 25

three years ago, she quickly developed an interest in improving the patient experience and outcomes through optimal VAD use and joined the unit’s newly formed vascular access management program. “PICC use is a topic I got into for professional reasons. It was professional curiosity; we wanted to improve. We realised that many times the vascular access of our patients ended up exhausted. We recognised the need and value of PICCs, but the only service that could cannulate PICCs was vascular radiology. Critical patients usually need technology for life support and moving out of the unit is very risky and complex.” In addition, ICU patients often require infusions of multiple medications. PICCs allow for multiple simultaneous infusions. “Sometimes we need more than 2–3 central lines because our 25 HHE 2018 | hospitalhealthcare.com VAD selection should be tailored to each patient’s needs, taking into account the length of therapy, number of lumens required, flow rates required, need for blood draws, patient preference, and whether or not the patient will be discharged on therapy 2