HeyU Issue 54 - 24 April - Page 45

After Hours 45


Dungeons and Dragons Club

What is it like to be a member of the USQ Dungeons and Dragons Club ? The game is inspiring and adventurous , and the Club is a safe , non-judgmental space that provides you with an opportunity to meet lots of people from different cultures . Benefits and skills you develop from being part of the Club include : teamwork ( the game is about collaboration ), strategy ( you are able to make decisions and see outcomes ), leadership , management and creativity . The GM ( Game Master ) is a storyteller , an arbitrator , ‘ non predictive ’ and a planner ( they set the plot ), so if you are looking to flex your storytelling skills , then this is the club for you !
How often does the Club meet ? We meet Wednesdays and Fridays 5pm – 9pm in room C305 at Toowoomba campus . This year , the Club has doubled in size and now has 30 members . We have outgrown their ‘ home ground room ’ and are looking for a new location , as it gets very noisy when you have four games going at once !
How much does it cost to join ? It ’ s free !
Interesting fact The longest game I ' ve played lasted four years !
How do I get in contact with the Club ? If you would like to join this ‘ pop and geek culture ’ community , contact the USQ Dungeons and Dragons Club via Facebook .
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