HeyU Issue 54 - 24 April - Page 41

Y T I N U M M CO Event First Coat Street Art Festival Location: Various locations in Toowoomba Date: 16–18 May 2017 http://busites-www.s3.amazonaws.com/woodstockcom/2016/05/ pasted-image-0-25-1024x527.png This festival is run by a group of local artists who want to improve the public art spaces and creative community of Toowoomba. During these three days, you can witness and participate in an awesome mix of live music performances, artist talks, large-scale mural painting, workshops and exhibitions. – LAURIE APP Work-life-study Life Cycle Event Stress Less Week Category: Time management Available: Available now: iOS Location: All USQ campuses This app will help you track how you spend your time each day and identify trends in your routine. See where and how you spend your time so you can more easily identify the imbalances between how much time you spend at work, studying or with friends and family. If you’re not happy with the results, set new goals and refocus on those while Life Cycle continues to measure your progress. – MORGS Stress Less Week is packed with free events and activities to help you get your mental and physical health in shape so you can smash exams! Including cute animals to cuddle, meditation sessions and even bubble soccer, all you have to do is turn up and relax in between your study sessions. – LAURIE https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/smiling-mind/id560442518?mt=8 Date: 29 May–2 June