HeyU Issue 54 - 24 April - Page 36

36 Features


A round up of our latest blogs . Visit USQ Social Hub to read more inspirational stories from our regular contributors .

ANDREA : 5 honest reasons to stop procrastinating

If you ’ re finding you ’ re more interested in your toenails than you ’ ve ever been , you probably have a case of procrastination . Andrea shares her 5 honest reasons why you should stop right now .
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JOY : 3 ways to make referencing easier

While referencing probably isn ’ t your favourite way to spend time , mastering this skill is vital and can mean extra marks on assignments . Graduate nurse Joy share 3 tips to make referencing easier .
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JEREMY : Dealing with Dad guilt

Learn why studying dad Jeremy knows giving up the financial stability that comes from full-time work to study is the best decision for this family .
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EMMA : 3 strategies to motivate yourself and achieve your goals

Finding it hard to stay motivated ? These 3 strategies will help you stay focused by breaking your ultimate goal into smaller goals and helping you develop the art of self-belief .
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