HeyU Issue 54 - 24 April - Page 26

26 Features 497 Small Disappointments My dear cell follicles, I apologise for keeping you in suspense for so long and for any false promises my body proffered. For not granting you the long-lived opportunity to leave home. For the inconvenience of being perpetually on hold. Also, for not having considered how easily the long trajectory of the past (the undocumented lineage of lovers) would be lost. Their scent gone cold, like old blood. Author Jenny Pollak 2016 Bruce Dawe Prize winner Today, I apologise for the inconvenience you had in being on time, every month without exception; congratulate you in the face of such stoicism —— 497 minor disappointments released without rancour into the dark. If I think of you it's as imaginary pearls — impotent jewels cradled in the safe harbour of my fortified canals. Did you try out names for size? Slip on gender and disposition like so many well-fitting jeans. Lie in my warm salts dreaming of the infinite bath. David, Sonia, Pedro, Sally? When the waves of blood stopped coming, did you weep? Will we keep company until the dead end of the road? Eggs? Are you still speaking to me? Are any of you still here? (Sincerely), Yours. The 2017 Bruce Dawe National Poetry Prize is now open