HeyU Issue 54 - 24 April - Page 21

Features 21 At this stage in our society there is very little you can’t get on demand. From food to fashion and the validation of others, almost everything we could possibly desire can be obtained with the swipe of a thumb or the click of a button. Technology is constantly giving us more options, more access and more information, making it easier to eradicate feelings like boredom and confusion instantly. Our customer service expectations have never been higher and we’re leaning toward a society of entitlement, where we believe we should be able to have whatever we want on demand, whether that be an episode on push forward. To withstand the uncomfortable and the challenging moments and resist the urge to turn away from the hard work it requires and look for something easier. At times when the workload is overwhelming and the expectations too high, it can be so easy to procrasti-scroll your way through the highlight reels of other people’s lives and question why you’re still persisting. You see others travelling or owning a home or spending leisurely days with their families and resent the sacrifices it will take to keep pushing toward your goal. But it’s in those moments of frustration that the seed of fulfilment is planted. gave up on my degree altogether. It was those painful, difficult, hard moments that I was so desperate to avoid at the time that gave me such satisfaction and pride in myself when I did finally make it to the end. Yes, study can be hard and relentless and overwhelming. Yes, scrolling through Facebook or auto-binging on Netflix i