HeyU Issue 54 - 24 April - Page 14

14 The Essentials We caught up with USQ alumna Peta (@traineemama), to bring you the latest article of uni style. Making your wardrobe go the distance. A killer wardrobe these days is less about stocking the rails and shelves with on-trend, season-specific clothing than it is about creating a collection of clothing that allows you to layer and accessorise using items appropriate to the temperature and current trends. This is the essence of a trans-seasonal or capsule wardrobe. 3 1 4 Your base collection should contain quality items that you love and will wear regularly, but remember, quality doesn’t have to mean expensive. The price tag should only be part of the consideration when choosing items for your trans-seasonal wardrobe. A cheaper-priced item from a supposedly-inferior brand that fits you perfectly and makes you feel fantastic is far more economical cost-per-wear-wise than a seemingly high-end brand item that doesn’t. Neutral and black-toned items as well as denim are timeless and will remain in your collection for a long time. Specific base items will vary from person to person both in style and colour, but to make your wardrobe go the distance year-round, for any weather or occasion, try to find your ultimate version of each of the following: 1. Light-wash denim jacket 7 2. Pretty dress 3. Fabulous pair of boots 4. Leather jacket 5. Strip