HeyU Issue 54 - 24 April - Page 11

The Essentials 11 F O R P : t e e m d Spee Peter Albion What is your role at USQ? I’m currently a Professor of Educational Technology in the School of Teacher Education and Early Childhood. My work in recent years has included teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in aspects of educational technology and technologies education. I’ve also been involved in related research and the supervision of research students completing doctoral studies in related areas. How long have you worked at USQ? I started working at USQ in April 1991 and have been here since then. That’s coming up to 26 years. What has been your favourite change to the University over the past 50 years? I’m pleased to have been here at the start of something that began as a branch campus granting sub-degree qualifications and is now internationally recognised as a university graduating students ready to contribute on the world stage. What is your top tip for students wanting to immerse themselves in student life? Do it. Join a club or activity and make your contribution. You will make good friends and build skills and confidence that will help in whatever career you pursue. To hear more of Peter’s story, pre-order your copy of the 50 years 50 stories book.