HeyU Issue 17 - 17 October 2014 - Page 10

STUDY APP REVIEW ASTRONAUT HEADDRESS Sounds like: Mercury Sun, Steve Denham & The Superfriends Astronaut Headdress (AH) strives to make a difference and influence people through their lyrics. Made up of a group of five, AH explores breaking the rules of generalised music and incorporates megaphones and rubber chickens to tell their stories. Astronaut Headdress’ music is ‘independent, unique, exciting, adventurous, honest and open minded.’ They can be classified within space rock, progressive and blues genres. They started two years ago and have played at Move Mountain Festivals, Rotarock Music Festivals and various venues around the Darling Downs. You can catch them playing at local Toowoomba venues, or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Sound Cloud or Triple J Unearthed. View Astronaut Headdress on Instagram Listen to Astronaut Headdress on Triple J Unearthed Platform: Practically everything! Angry Birds has been around for 5 years and there’s a reason it’s lasted the distance. It’s fun, easy to play and extremely addictive (read: annoyingly addictive). The aim of the game is to use a slingshot to hurl different types of birds at pigs and the level is completed once all of the pigs have been hit. Everything about the game is designed to make you dislike the pigs, from the music, to the way the pigs giggle when you miss them. It’s extremely satisfying when you finally pass a level and get those pigs. Angry Birds at uni “It’s a twist of funky rock with a grunge chick on vox, unique melodies through the riffs on six sweet strings, badass drums, keys to make ya feet move and a bass that says ‘LIKE A BOSS!’ Enjoy the ride!” – Triple J Unearthed. Visit Astronaut Headdress on Facebook Angry Birds If you’re tired or stressed, Angry Birds is a great game to wake you up and motivate you for the next study session. While it’s recommended that you don’t play too many games that interfere with your study time, it’s important to take a break and do something you enjoy! Watch Astronaut Headdress on YouTube Listen to Astronaut Headdress on Soundcloud For all the latest music and news on music in South East Queensland, tune into Unpack Yr Suitcases, Mondays at 7pm on Phoenix Radio Online or 9pm on Tuesdays on Switch1197. Visit App Website