HeyU Issue 10 - 11 July 2014 - Page 3

Our fingers and toes are crossed for your result release this afternoon. We can feel the tension and constant refreshing of UConnect in the air! Welcome to HeyU issue 10 and to celebrate this milestone we are referring to this as the Yellow Edition. How many yellow related articles can you find? Whilst you have been catching up on sleep and enjoying your holidays the Social Media HQ has been a hive of activity. You will see that we have made some enhancements to this issue based off your usage and the pages that you see of value. After all this magazine is for you. Check out page 7 for spotted on social and for our travellers out there we will be profiling one of our study abroad students… the team here have all started googling their next holiday! Also, we have been working on a project that is set to launch on the 21st July. This is something the team is extremely proud of and the anticipation to launch day… well it can’t come soon enough! With bated breath, we wait… The past fortnight on USQ social media USQ Blog JET-SET YOUR WAY TO STUDY SUCCESS If you have any stories or pictures to share drop us an email at social.media@usq.edu.au