HeyU Issue 10 - 11 July 2014 - Page 11

Banana Split Ingredients --1 banana --¾ cup greek yoghurt --¼ cup granola --2-4 pieces of organic strawberries (sliced) -- 8-10 blueberries -- Raw honey (optional) How to make it --Slice banana in half and lay a slice on either side of a boatshaped bowl. --Add yoghurt to the area between the two slices of banana, spreading it out evenly. --Sprinkle granola atop the banana and yoghurt. -- Layer sliced strawberries atop the greek yoghurt. --Add blueberries. --Optional: Drizzle honey and/or finely chopped mint. Share your Banana Split creations with us! Visit the USQ HealthyU website Share your Banana Splits with us on Instagram Recipe kindly supplied by Save the date for your closest UFest! Fraser Coast – 22 July 2014 Toowoomba – 23 July 2014 Springfield – 23 July 2014 Health promotion day For more details check out the USQ Ufest site Keep an eye out for upcoming competitions and prizes to be won!