HeyU Issue 10 - 11 July 2014 - Page 10

STUDY APP REVIEW Gumbi Gumbi Gardens Audio Tour Platform: Android and iOS Cost: Free Sounds like: The Monkees, Oasis, The Renegades It’s only fitting to have a tribute profile for our big yellow edition, and who better than The Beatles! If you’re like us and have already started humming ‘we all live in a yellow submarine’, then it’s a sign that The Beatles are a truly timeless band. If you managed to catch their 50th anniversary ‘The Beatles in Australia’ Exhibition you are one lucky person, if you didn’t check out their website for a stack of great music and memorabilia. Happy listening! www.thebeatles.com The Gumbi Gumbi Gardens are located on the northern side of USQ Toowoomba’s main entrance and were designed in close partnership with respected Historical Elders from Toowoomba and Elders of the Jarowair People, Traditional Owners of the land on which the USQ Toowoomba campus resides. With over 100 native plant species and around 2.2 hectares to explore, the audio tour app allows visitors to the Gardens the opportunity to learn about local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences of history, culture, learning and everyday life. Use this audio tour app to explore the gardens in person, or virtually. Available from the Play and Apple App stores. At uni: Feeling stressed at uni or just need some time to yourself? Taking a stroll through the beautiful and tranquil Gumbi Gumbi Gardens will give you the opportunity to clear your head, get some exercise and de-stress. For all the latest music and news on music in South East Queensland, tune in to Unpack Yr Suitcases, Mondays at 7pm on Phoenix Radio Online or 9pm on Tuesdays on Switch1197. Visit App Website HeyU HeyU