Herault Travel - Page 10

Western Herault contains some of France’s most picturesque villages and vineyards. Bèziers is located in the middle of France’s most productive wine making regions. Originally colonized by the Romans in 36 BCC, it was burned to the ground in 1209. In the 19th century, the town regained growth and became a center for winemaking. A traveler’s best option in Bèziers is simply to wander the winding cobblestone alleys and enjoy the architecture that makes up Bèzier’s Old Town. The village of Pezenas also has an interesting Old Town, the first to be placed on France’s list of protected monuments. Among its interesting sights are an Old Jewish Quarter and the 18th century Collegiale Church of Saint-Jean, housing an important treasury. Pezenas is also a great destination for collectors because of its large number of antique shops.