Hendricks - Bridal Digest 2019 - Page 9

www.fl yergroup.com B RIDAL D IGEST the size of the painting against the wall the couple planmed to hang it on, the coloring, style of furniture and more, to make sure her work would blend in seamlessly. “She is so good at working with people and making sure this is not only a piece of art but is also very functional with your home,” Jen- nifer said. “This is probably the only original piece of artwork I’ll ever own.” It’s approximately a 20-hour process from meeting the couple to completing the paint- ing, and the end result is not a replacement for photography, Pourcho said. “It’s a collection, an impression of a memory,” she said. “When I’m making the figures in the painting, you may recognize the gesture of a figure or the placement of a person, but I’m not putting a lot of details in the faces. When a couple have a friend over for dinner or grandma comes over … they are able to look at the painting and they can all enter the memory.” Pourcho said event painting captures her love of educating and interacting with people, and she enjoys plein air painting, a French term for painting with your easel outdoors. “Monet and Van Gogh are known for that,” she said. “I’ve been doing it for years, going out to a park or somewhere in nature. The environment is always changing with bugs, | 9 light, wind and other things. It’s happening quickly, and there are things I don’t have control over but I’m capturing what I can at that moment.” Pourcho arrives several hours before the wedding, sets up an area and begins the underpainting, what she calls the skeletal composition. “The background is done, and when guests start arriving I begin popping them into the painting, leaving the focal point open for the main event. I paint very quickly in the moment. And afterward, I start working from memory.” Her conversation and openness encourage guests to enjoy the process and learn more throughout the evening. “She was really interactive,” Jennifer said. “She was set up in the corner of the dance floor because we wanted the first dance. Throughout the evening guests went to see her progress and ask questions. She is so good at explaining art and has such a genu- ine personality. Even my young nieces and nephews loved to watch.” For Pourcho, the creation of a lasting memory and getting to know the couples is rewarding. “Guests get to see a nearly blank canvas come alive with the movement of colors, people, and events,” Pourcho said. “They KATHERYN POURCHO WELCOMES guests’ questions and interest as she paints weddings. JESSICA STRICKLAND FOR HENDRICKS COUNTY FLYER