Hendricks - Bridal Digest 2019 - Page 7

www.fl yergroup.com B RIDAL D IGEST “By working with us, the entire process of booking your wedding is seamless,” he said. “After we talk with the couple about their specific wants, we can help make recommendations. We have built relation- ships with many resorts. We know their management, and we have key contacts in their wedding department. Our relation- ship helps couples to get a better rate, better package and the best service.” Other important reasons to work with a travel expert are that local laws impact destination weddings and click-bait is deceiving. “Each country has different laws for civil weddings,” he said. “Beach Bum travel will advise couples of the appropri- ate legalities and assist as we can. “We do want to caution couples that book- ing a destination wedding on their own may result in problems,” Whorall said. “Some of the websites are intentionally deceiving. The resort may not offer what the website promises. Researching a destination wed- ding can take hours on end, and you may not get what you thought. Having a Beach Bum certified travel concierge specializing in a destination wedding will ensure a great wedding.” Beach Bum Vacations welcomes all wed- dings and the opportunity to assist couples planning their destination wedding. “Lisa Zwissler is our certified specialist for destination weddings, social and adult celebration groups and honeymoons,” he said. “She brings plenty of experience and enthusiasm to planning your dream wed- ding and getaway.” Beach Bum Vacation also gives back to the places that host their guests. In 2009 at the suggestion of one of the Bums, Whorall began Beach Bum CARES. The non-profit gives thousands of dollars annu- ally to village schools and orphanages in the Caribbean and Mexico. “We love being able to give back to these communities,” Whorall said. “We have built a school from scratch in Jamaica and helped to build two greenhouses to make it self sustaining. We have funded several orphanages throughout the Caribbean and continue to make sure they have their needs met. We hand deliver the donations to | 7 ensure they receive everything. It is impor- tant to us to do all we can to help the people who live in the places we love to visit.” Whorall and the Bums regularly incor- porate donation drives into their business trips. “We love going into the schools and dropping supplies,” he said. “They really just need basic supplies like paper. The orphanages need socks. It is easy stuff for us to gather and give.” Wedding parties have been joining in their cause. “With both weddings and honeymoons, we are seeing that the trip is more about experiencing the culture and destination and not being just a tourist,” he said. “Cou- ples have been asking their guests to bring school supplies, rather than a wedding gift or donate to the local school through Beach Bum CARES. That is travel with a purpose.” Beach Bum Vacations recently cele- brated its 19th anniversary. It has a staff of 40 Bums nationwide with worldwide. Additional information can be found at beachbumvacations.com or by calling 877- 943-8282