Hendricks - Bridal Digest 2019 - Page 6

B RIDAL D IGEST 6 | www.fl yergroup.com WANT TO GET AWAY? BY TIFFANY GILES F O R H E N D R I C KS C O U N T Y F LY E R In a recent study, newly engaged couples said plan- ning their wedding was more stressful than public speaking, buying a new home, or applying for col- lege. Zola, an online wedding platform sur veyed 500 couples, and 86 percent said planning their wedding caused anxiety, headaches, sleeplessness and in some cases hair loss. In the end, 16 percent of these couples postponed their wedding to a later date. “Weddings can be very stressful for two reasons,” said Robert Whorall of Beach Bum Vac at ions, headquartered in Browns- burg. “The first is that the bride may have a dream she has been thinking about since she was young. She wants it to be perfect. And for her to make it perfect requires a lot of attention to detail, time and money. “The second reason wed- dings can be stressful is that families are different today. There are many fami- lies that are blended, or that the parents have divorced. A wedding brings everyone together, those interactions can be stressful.” A simple solution to all the stress could be planning a destination wedding, he said. Beach Bum Vacations specializes in destination weddings and has received The Knot’s Best of Wedding Award four consecutive years. In 2019 the travel agency was awarded the Best of Weddings Hall of Fame status. “Our mission is to exceed our traveler’s expectations by customizing our services to deliver a memorable experience” Whorall said. Beach Bum Vacations has several travel concierge experts on staff to help plan the details. The Bums, as they are called, each have areas of specialty and can help with everything from weddings, to honeymoons, to anniversary trips, to spring break. “Destination weddings are growing in popularity and offer couples a chance to host the wedding on neu- tral ground and spend time celebrating with friends and family,” Whorall said. In 2018, 45 percent of all weddings in the United States were destination weddings. While a few cou- ples chose to get married in the castles of Ireland, the most popular wedding destinations are in the Caribbean and Mexico. “Getting married at an all-inclusive resort is abso- lutely beautiful. The resorts have incredible amenities, create a perfect backdrop and allow for personal touches that w ill make everyone happy,” Whorall said. “One trend we have noticed is that wedding parties are getting bigger,” Whorall said. “Before des- tination weddings were reserved for families and close f r iends, but now people want to come and be part of the wedding. The locations are beautiful and interesting. People want to come along and celebrate.” The cost of a destination wedding can be signifi- cantly less than a traditional wedding. According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding last year was $33,391, while the average cost of a destination wed- ding was $20,000. “Destination weddings are budget friendly,” Who- rall said. “You know from the start what the budget will be and what options you have. Destination wed- dings are very popular with couples who are budget minded. Choosing an all- inclusive resort is great for guests too, because they can budget for the trip ahead of time.” All-inclusive resorts offer guests a unique way to enjoy their wedding. “Resorts offer a beautiful and fun setting,” Whorall said. “They cater to adults only, but there are some that welcome kids. These locations are very beautiful but not solely beach based. We have done ocean and river cruises, Europe desti- nations including a wedding in Ireland,” Whorall said. Resor ts of ten have a wedding coordinator, but Whorall believes it is in the couple’s best interest to work with a travel expert.