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www.fl yergroup.com B RIDAL D IGEST | 5 PRE-WEDDING BEAUTY TIPS FOR THE BRIDE (NewsUSA) — You want everything to be picture perfect for your wedding, including your smile. But like everything else about your big day, that perfect smile could require some work ahead of time. In fact, experts suggest starting your entire beauty regimen six months before the wedding. Here’s a complete pre-wedding beauty checklist. • Lips: Get soft, kissable lips by brush- ing away flakes of dry skin with an infant toothbrush soaked in baking soda and water. Apply healing ointment, and in no time, your lips will be ready for that “kiss the bride” kiss. • Teeth: A cosmetic dentist can often cor- rect an imperfect smile with veneers. But if spending painful hours in the dentist’s chair getting your teeth ground down sounds like it would put a damper on all the joyful plan- ning, here’s good news: Lumineers (www. lumineers.com) are now used by thousands of dentists nationwide and can be applied in two short, pain-free appointments. Unlike other veneer procedures, Lumineers are so strong and thin that they don’t require removal of sensitive tooth structure. The pro- cedure is quick, painless and even reversible. • Makeup: Women with warm skin tones look best in makeup with pink, coral, peach, amber, brown and red with yellow under- tones. If you have a cool skin tone, choose pink, berry, lilac, mauve or red with blue undertones. • Skin: Make your face glow with a good cleansing program. Use a cleanser that’s appropriate for your skin type in the morn- ing, makeup remover and cleanser at night and a daily moisturizer. Use a gentle facial scrub once a week. • Hair: If you’re planning to change your hairstyle or color, experiment several months before the wedding so you have time to cor- rect any mistakes. Celebrate your big day Mike & Jenifer Laver Loving Life and Making Memories! 317-838-9741 www.LiveNowVacations.com mlaver@cruiseplanners.com CruisePlanners.MikeLaver DESTINATION WEDDINGS • WEDDINGS AT SEA HONEYMOONS • ROMANTIC GETAWAYS ANNIVERSARIES • VOW RENEWALS FLST# 39068 • CST# 2034468-50 • HST# TAR-7058 • WAST# 603-399-504