Hendricks - Bridal Digest 2019 - Page 22

22 | B RIDAL D IGEST ideas for the wedding,” Gretchen said. “She created vision boards on Pinterest and gave access to everyone who needed to see her ideas. It is very nice because we share with each other and with her groom’s mom.” “I like that we receive updates when one of us has added information and it (Pinterest) keeps us connected,” Sydney added. Technology has changed the way weddings are shared with guests as well. Photographers often do more than take photos. They are use- ful in setting up Instagram accounts and drop boxes so guests can share the pictures. “We haven’t got to that part of planning yet, but it’s on the list,” Gretchen said. “We selected the photographer because she specializes in impromptu and captured moments, rather than staged photos. It is a beautiful way to see how everything you planned unfolds.” Another popular trend is letting brides- maids choose their own dresses. “Sydney selected her colors and asked the girls to pick their dresses within the color scheme,” www.fl yergroup.com Gretchen said. “This was a great way to let them pick a dress that flatters their style and makes them feel comfortable.” “I think it’s important they feel good about themselves while sharing this day with us,” Sydney said. Overall, the ladies agreed it has not been too stressful to plan Sydney’s wedding. “Everyone plans their wedding the way they need to do it,” Gretchen said, adding, “There is not one right way. But I think no matter how you plan, it is important to keep the lines of communication open. Be sure to work together and to be attentive to the budget. I really recommend making sure you make an outline and break down your costs. It is easy to get carried away, because there is a lot of detail, but be sure to work with people and vendors who respect your budget,” Gretchen said. “It makes me really happy to be able to share this with my mom, it is the most excit- ing day of my life, so it’s really nice to have her with me,” Sydney said.