Hendricks - Bridal Digest 2019 - Page 20

20 | B RIDAL D IGEST www.fl yergroup.com ALL-AMERICAN WEDDING BY TIFFANY GILES F O R H E N D R I C KS C O U N T Y F LY E R Wedding planning is big business in the United States. Last year the aver- age wedding cost more than $33,0 00 and took 15 months to plan. A lot goes into planning for the big day, and while brides tod ay have more options than ever, they also have more details to work through. L ong t i me Hen- dricks County r e sident s S yd ne y Petrunich and Jake Pa r s le y a r e ge t- ting married July 19. Petrunich is the daughter of Mike and Gretchen Petrunich of Brownsburg. Pars- ley is the son of Jeff and Melissa Parsley of Jamestown. Petrunich and her mother have been planning the wedding for several months. “It takes a lot of time to plan a wedding,” Gretchen said. “The last one I planned was my own all those years ago. We have to think about a lot of details and plan for a lot of people.” Sydney and Jake have chosen the theme of all-American for their wedding. “Jake is in the U.S. Army and stationed at SUBMITTED PHOTOS SYDNEY PETRUNICH AND JAKE PARSLEY are planning their wedding while he is stationed in Georgia and she fi nishes her college degree.