Hendricks - Bridal Digest 2019 - Page 18

18 | Katlin and Jon Stephens did just that as they planned their wedding for last June. They found a site, Honey- fund that hosted a similar cash registry. “We knew we wanted to do a GoFundMe type account, and this one had a low percentage rate we paid for them to host the fund,” Katlin said. “It helped us pay for the honeymoon ver- sus a wedding gift.” For the couple, a trip to Tokyo, Japan was a dream come true. “We went on the Anime Pioneer Adventure tour, specific for people who really wanted to see the pop culture aspect,” Katlin said. “We saw central Tokyo, an internationally famous res- taurant called the Robot Café, the Pokémon central Headquarters store and Tokyo Tower.” The couple was there for six days, and friends and family paid the way through donating to the Honeyfund. They found the cash regis- try fairly receptive to guests, though there was a genera- tional divide when it came to gift giving. “We didn’t hear anything negative,” Katlin said. “I think most of my fam- ily used the fund. I think people enjoyed it because it was easy. They didn’t have to worry about what to pick up. People felt like they paid for something specific.” Katlin said that while most friends and family donated toward the trip, grandparents and great- aunts a nd uncles st ill handed them a card with cash or check. B RIDAL D IGEST www.fl yergroup.com MANY COUPLES USING CASH REGISTRIES today, want to take a trip, like this one to Tokyo Tower, or save for the future. “A lot of guests want to know what it’s going toward,” Longobucco said. “Cash registry still feels like it’s a tangible enough gift. I’m helping in a spe- cific way, and then it helps couples get what they really want. We like to say, you’re only limited by your imagi- nation.” “The honeymoon was the best trip we’ve ever taken together, just because it served our interests and indiv idual desire to go there,” Katlin said. “We both handled the part we’re best at. He’s better at book- ing hotels, and I’m better and researching things to do. We worked together on the plans and then let each other take the assignments we were stronger in.” Overall, couples and their guests are getting on board with the new trend. “On a larger scale, the biggest wedding trends show that it’s all personal- ity based, ” Longobuco said. “Couples are very conscious consumers. They want to know where their money is going and what it will be used for. They want their story told from color selec- tion, favors … just putting your own stamp on every part of the wedding.” More information can be found on the websites, https://www.theknot.com/ and https://www.honey- fund.com.