Hendricks - Bridal Digest 2019 - Page 12

12 | B RIDAL D IGEST www.fl yergroup.com WEDDING VENUE TO BY TIFFANY GILES F O R H E N D R I C KS C O U N T Y F LY E R The Avon Wedding Barn was named 2019’s best wedding venue in the state by national publication, Cosmopolitan Magazine. Cosmopolitan is a best-selling international fashion magazine and selected the venue through independent research. Barn Owners Jim and Darinda Dragon were surprised and felt honored. “When we received the phone call, I was shocked,” Darinda said. “The writer, Lillie Rose, had done all the research and gathered the infor- mation. She called to let us know we were the most popular place in Indiana, and I was just over- whelmed by the goodness of God. It was another blessing from Him.” The Dragons purchased the barn 21 years ago. And after much prayer and consideration, the couple opened the venue to the public. “We had our third date at this barn and went square dancing. Years later we bought the prop- erty. We hosted our daughter’s wedding here. We also shared the barn with some of our close friends. As I began to pray over the barn, I felt the Lord leading me to use it to support missionary work and when you are inspired by God, I believe it is important to follow through,” Darinda said. The Dragons opened the barn for weddings in 2010 and the business has been thriving. “We believe this is how God is working through us to help others. We support several missionaries and ministries through most of our profits. I want our work to be eternally significant, otherwise life is useless,” Darinda said. Missionaries in the Dominican Republic, Mex- ico and India all receive support from the Dragons. “We are very fortunate to be able to partner with both local and global missionaries,” Darinda said. “This has been truly a blessing from God, as we have seen churches planted and so many people coming to the Lord. It is our privilege to be part of all this.” The Avon Wedding Barn is at 7424 E. County Road 100 North, Avon. It is situated on six acres of rolling hills. The property includes a winding creek, ancient catalpa tree, manicured landscap- ing and the 100-year-old barn. AVON WEDDING BARN was name “When you host your wedding here, extraordinary day, creating extraordinary on Christian ministries,” Darinda said. “W very hard to ensure that every detail is addr One of the special details that the Dragon providing clients is the “first look.” This