Hendricks - Bridal Digest 2019 - Page 10

10 | B RIDAL D IGEST often find it cathartic to watch. But others ask questions, and I love that too. “Getting to know the stories is a wonderful thing, being accessible to people. Many don’t have a work of art in their home. We love making our spaces into something beauti- ful and I want my work to be accessible to everyone,” she added. After a few studio touchups, the painting is ready to deliver. “I would say the most frequent comment I get from the couple or family is this was the thing they were most looking forward to,” she said. “They light up … they have this heirloom and they get to share it with their family and hang it in their home. It’s an original work of art that is about them and for them. It captures that big day that hap- pened for them. Sometimes, they can even be a little emotional. “There’s an emotional connection to the piece,” Jennifer said. “When people come over, they ask about it. I’ll probably always www.fl yergroup.com remember who was sitting in what seat. It’s only been five months, but I imagine we’ll be talking about it for years.” The service can be costly, but Pourcho says the part of the country the couple marry in, could make a difference in cost. For example, artists on the East Coast are able to charge more. An average cost in the Midwest runs anywhere from $1,200 to $2,500, depending on size, location and more. Hartman said if couples were on the fence about it, she would recommend it whole heartedly. “It’s probably the best place I spent money on,” she said. “I have absolutely no regrets. It’s well worth the cost, and you’ll have it forever. We still have people remember the artist at the wedding. They ask about her. It had a much more profound effect than I even realized.” For more information on event and wed- ding painting, visit Pourcho’s website at www.katherynpourcho.com.