HeMe #5 - Page 8

Anti oxidants vs. aging….. who will win this strife? Of course, aging will win at the end. Do you know that the anti oxidants are building a huge barrier to defend the organism against free radicals? Free radicals are the aging components in our body tissues. These free radicals are the loosen electrons from our cells due to stress hormones, toxic chemical reactions inside our body and external factors like UV rays and polluted chemical compounds. These loosen electrons try to be stable by stealing electrons from other healthy cells. This is a chain reaction. What are the results of this chain reaction? Some sorts of cancers, atherosclerosis and other cardio vascular diseases, neurological diseases and mainly aging. Oxidative stress and free radicals damage our DNA and proteins. Oxidative devastation of proteins affects enzyme activity, membrane transportation and all the cellular actions and also protein oxidation disturbs heat stability and proteolysis susceptibility as well. Lipid peroxidation induces diseases like neuro-generative diseases, ischemic reperfusion injury, and diabetes. Anti oxidants is the army to fight against above mentioned events. They are stable molecules which are able to donate electrons to free radicals and neutralize them. Glutathione, ubiquinol, and uric acid are the anti oxidants which are produced by our body during normal metabolic reactions. Vitamin E (α-tocopherol), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and B-carotene are the anti oxidant agents which we should take in our diet. The best anti oxidant fruits are cherries, prunes, berries, citrus and olives. Green vegetables, mustard, garlic, onions, nuts, Indian aloe, turmeric, neem and cinnamon are some great antioxidants to consume. As lord Buddha said our health is the greatest gift. If we can live a youthful life without any health issues that is the best thing a person can ever have.