HeMe #5 - Page 6

NEW RESEARCH!!! VITAMIN D INCREASES BREAST CANCER SURVIVAL RATE Fat soluble vitamin D always thought to be associated between reducing the risk of heart disease, fractures and even depression. Vitamin D now sets its record with the association of breast cancer survival rate. Recently concluded long time research very clearly states that higher level of vitamin D (25 – hydroxyvitamin D) in the blood increases the life expectancy by decreasing the risk of breast cancer and also increasing the surviving rate in people who have breast cancer. These vitamin D receptors presences confirm the absence of tumor growth and also they act as a bio marker for the severity of breast cancer. Hence, they simply not only increasing the life expectancy, but also helps us to understand the severity of the disease. Their optimum levels to achieve such effects are 30-80 ng/ml. Therefore, the use of vitamin D is widely discussed to introduce it to the routine conventional breast cancer therapy. Moreover, it helps the women who are old in calcium absorption and helps them in calcium level retaining. This multi effect giving vitamin D can be used as a supplement by all age women to improve the state of health in all terms.