HeMe #5 - Page 4

Did you ever know that more than 124 million women have undergone female genital mutilation or also known as female circumcision? According to the current statistics, this brutal act has been practicing in 27 countries including countries in Africa, Middle East and few countries in Asia. There is no religious background for this practice. But it is believed that there is a pre-Islamic influence for this. Meanwhile in 19th century some gynecologists in Europe and US have done FMG to treat masturbation. We’ll take a close look at this issue. As we are in the modern era we should be able to defeat those superstitious believes and dangerous practices such as FGM. What is FGM? It is all kind of actions that comprise total or partial removal of female external genitalia. It can be some other damage to the female genitalia for non medical circumstances. FGM is carried out in ethnic groups in order to tame women sexually because they think that the unmutilated women are with high sexual desire.