HeMe #5 - Page 30

S C H I Z O P H R E N I A “Schizophrenia’’ is a mental status that the patient may experience imaging things that are not in real and difficult to share their own thoughts, ideas. Symptoms in detail are, hallucinations, delusions, poorly organized sentences, untidy dress, lack of hygiene, poor social life, less responsiveness, impaired long term memory, and paranoiac symptoms. Motionless postures, agitations are also can be seen in schizophrenic patients. This occurs 1.5% more frequently in males than females. Peek age of occurrence is 25 years to 27 years. Statistics have shown that more than 1% of worlds population suffer from this disorder. Persons genetics, experiences and extreme stressful situations can be risk factors of this disorder. Excessive dopamine levels in organism, drug abuse (cannabis, cocaine), brain injuries and inheritance are the causes doctors have described. The influence of Viruses(infections), hormonal levels, foods and allergens on schizophrenia are under going on research.