HeMe #5 - Page 26

HYPOGONADISM What is hypogonadism? Hypogonadism is a medical condition in which the functional activity of the reproductive organs either the testes in males or the ovaries in females. What is the basic mechanism of hypogonadism? When there is a functional disturbance in these organs ,which in turn leads to synthesis of low level of sex hormones.All these dysfunctional changes in the reproductive organs paves its way towards infertility. What are the types of hypogonadism? Primary and secondary hypogonadism What is primary hypogonadism? Primary hypogonadism is the result of the dysfunction of gonads,which may be Noonan syndrome,Turner Syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome etc. What is secondary hypogonadism? Secondary hypogonadism due to the hypothalamic or pituitary dysfunction., which may be polycystic ovarian syndrome,kallmann syndrome,hypopituitarism etc What are the main symptoms in males? Sexual dysfunction, problems related to muscle development, height reduction,reduction of body hair and beard development,Gynaecomastia or symptoms related to brain tumor which are headache, problems in visual apparatus, different kind of discharges from brain, the symptoms depends solely on the exact location of tumor.