HeMe #5 - Page 25

In today’s fast world ,it became a fashion to use drugs in studies and to improve their grades in studies. Half of the people who do this academic doping for better concentration and for a sharp focus, but how many of them knows that the use of unprescriped, unadvised drugs bring a bad future in terms of health concern. They may win the race in the education field but in reality in their real life, they are making a bad choice for their health. Academic doping is the term used when you use brain enhancing drugs for mental alertness, sharp focus and for better memory. Amphetamine and Methylphenidate are the drugs which most of the students use for their superman or superwoman effect in their studies. Typically, these drugs are mostly prescribed to treat ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). But in normal people these drugs act as psycho stimulants. They have magically helped the students in their preparation by giving them a clear mind to focus on what they are doing Even though, these drugs provide the magical power to be as a topper in the class, but actually these drugs are time-bombs. They can cause serious damages to many organ systems in our body which are permanent in nature. These drugs, together with alcohol, increase the drunkenness and even the euphoric condition, and eventually lead to overdose. And makes the things even fatal. These drugs mainly affect the nervous system and the first incoming symptom is the affection of sleep and leads to sleep disorder. Even they can cause serious complications like psychosis, seizures and even death induced through suicide. The usage of such drugs without any prescription should be banned completely and should the government with the help of law have to take serious action against such dopers. There should be many educational programs must be organized to show the harmful side of intaking those kind of drugs only for the study concern without any actual need.