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Monaco Tradition © HelloMonaco © Palais Princier de Monaco part of Monegasque culture. It starts with a morning mass and «Te Deum» in Saint Nicholas Cathedral. It is also a good mo- ment to think of Monaco’s Motto «Deo Ju- vante» (With God’s Help). And for those with medals, this is the time to parade with them proudly on view. After the mass you will no- tice members of the Royal family and Am- bassadors, often in uniformed attire, con- gregating, with their medals on full display. A ceremony follows later in the day where the Prince awards «Ordre de la Couronne» for faithful service to the state. There are five classes of which «Les Grands Croix» is the highest degree of distinction. And then there is pomp and ceremony at which Monaco with its regal history excels. In all Royal households much pageantry sur- rounds the Royal Guards and on Fête du Prince it is the Prince’s Guards (the Carabi- nier) that are on centre stage in the March of the Column. You will see them parad- ing to the cheers of the crowd, many of whom dress patriotically in red and white. The Pomp continues with the band of the Prince’s Guards playing the National An- them and creative compositions often ac- companied by much-loved childrens’ choirs. Pomp and ceremony, parade after parade, the Fire Brigade and the Monaco armed forces. Mascots too — last year including the paratroopers’ mascot Malizia, an immense female eagle donated by Princess Caroline. Moreover, the occasion enabled Monaco to put on show all types of transport used in the service of the Principality, starting from motorcycles of the carabineers and fire trucks, and ending with the newest version of the ambulance in service with the fire de- partment of the Principality. 68 / Hello Monaco Winter 2018–2019 © Palais Princier de Monaco Invasions, occupations, unwelcome protection — Monaco kept its integrity throughout. © Palais Princier de Monaco And, of course, it is a chance to see the Royal Family in their finery with the citizens of Mo- naco waving and shouting «Glory to Prince Albert II». Prince Albert appears with Princess Charlene and their twin children Gabriella Thérèse Marie and Jacques Honoré Rainier. Jacques, as his father’s heir-apparent, bears the titles Hereditary Prince of Monaco and Marquis of Baux while Albert has granted Gabriella the title of Countess of Carladès. © Palais Princier de Monaco