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HELLOMONACO RECOMMENDS The attention given to horse welfare, un- der the supervision of a competent medical team, is aiding both training and horse- boarding activities. Hap Ô Tempo: The artistic side of riding horses R Founded a few years ago as a children’s horse training center, it currently offers a variety of individual, collective and sum- mer courses with horses and ponies, ad- dressed both to amateurs and profession- als of all ages with a focus on their needs, Equifeel included. The professionalism of the riding instructors (mostly BPJEPS certi- fied) as well as the friendly approach of the president and the welcoming staff (com- posed of mothers in their second jobs) are a plus. iding a horse may represent a real acro- batic challenge, as an expression of artistic talent. In Villeneuve- © Ubik, Herri Baron Loubet region, a cozy horse farming house which offers boarding, and totally reno- vated, is home to the equestrian center Hap Ô Tempo which welcomes, through- out the year, up to 22 horses, with all facili- ties provided. According to the will of its founders, this distinctive riding school, being associat- ed with the FFE since 2012, presents the perfect balance between the best circus art and horseback-riding. On weekends, it often turns into an evocative stage which gathers the best circus acrobats world- wide as part of an intriguing program of events. Thus, this center attracts the atten- tion of amateurs, professionals, perform- ers, teenagers, children and disabled peo- ple in rehab. Weekly professional classes and student summer courses, from baby- riding-ponies to gallop 7 and competition riding (e.g.: FFE, International Concours de Saut, Show Stages, Hunter, Dressage and Handisport) are offered. Therefore, partici- pants can approach the horse world from an unusual point of view, including on the ground, free and classical acrobatic tech- niques (e.g.: Cossack Voltige). AGASC – Centre Équestre de St-Laurent-du-Var: Riding a horse is a serious matter R iding a horse is above all training, es- pecially when you are learning and preparing professionally. The mul- ti-certified Centre Équestre de St.-Lau- rent-du-Var, part of the AGASC sport and culture association, has been offering quali- fied courses addressed to FFE riders and young beginners (from 3 years old up) for more than 30 years. From Monday to Sun- day (till Friday during summertime), a set of subsequent lessons are given according to the level of expertise. Classical and sum- RIVIERA’S HORSE RIDING USEFUL INFORMATION Fédération Équestre de la Principauté de Monaco  www.federation-equestre.mc Jumping International de Monte-Carlo President: Diane Fissore.  www.jumping-monaco.com Club Hippique de Nice Director: Jean-Christophe Comet, general director of «Alliance Cheval». Main Championships and Certifications: • Fédération Française dÉquitation (FFE) Certification. International level: • 5 сompetitions: 2 CSI * – 3 CDI ***. National Level: • Departmental Championship of: Dressage Club, Dres- sage Poney, Dressage Para-Équestre, Hunter Club & Amateur, CSO Club, Equifun Club, Pony-Games Club and Voltige Club. • Regional Championship of: Hunter Club & Amateur. • 1 round of the following competitions: «Tournée des As Poney», «Masters PACA Dress», «Masters du Cheval Ibé- rique», «FFE Dress’ Tour 2018». • «Jumping de Nice» (5-day competition: CSO & Hunter Ama / Pro / Club) and a Dressage Pro Elite contest. Latest main horse shows: • «A Cheval 06 – L’Evènement», 10th Anniversary of the Comité Départemental dÉquitation des Alpes-Maritimes (October 2018). • «Trophée de Monaco CSO» organized by the Fédération Équestre Monégasque (November 2017).  www.nicecheval.com 8 Boulevard des Jardiniers – 06200 – Nice. Distance from Monaco: approx 30 minutes. 56 / Hello Monaco Winter 2018–2019 La Cavalerie des Enfants École d’Équitation Director: Patricia Sartorio. Main Championships and Certifications: • FFE Certification. • École Française dÉquitation. • Poney Club de France. • Cheval Club de France.  www.cavalerie-enfants.com 3 Chemin des Ferrayonnes – Villeneuve-Loubet / Cagnes-sur-Mer. Distance from Monaco: approx. 40 minutes. Hap Ô Tempo Director: Emilie Jumeaux, circus performer, expert in equestrian Voltige and cinema & ad stunt man. Main Championships and Certifications: • Various competitions on different disciplines such as: Hunter, Cross, Jumping, Horse Shows (A Cheval 06). • FFE Certification. • Équitation Adaptée Certification. • Classé Evénement Conseil Général. Main horse shows: • Zig Zag, horse stunt & humorous show. • Yearly performances and shows.  www.hap-o-tempo.com 251 Avenue de la Grande Rimade – 06270 Villeneuve-Loubet. Distance from Monaco: approx. 40 minutes. AGASC – Centre Équestre de Saint-Laurent-du-Var Directors: Agnès Burgraeve and Tony Sejournet. Main Championships and Certifications: • FFE Certification. • École Française d’Équitation. • Poney Club de France. • Cheval Club de France. • Equi-Handi Club.  http://equitation.agasc.fr 1590 Chemin des Iscles 06700 – Saint-Laurent-du-Var. Distance from Monaco: barely more than 40 minutes. Campo Ippico di Sanremo Director: Maria Grazia Valle Valenzano Menada. Main Championships and Certifications: • Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri – FISE. • CSI one & two stars including Show Jumping Città di Sanremo. • European Championship for Young Riders (1992).  www.societaippicasanremo.it Via Solaro, 127 – 18018 Sanremo (IM) – Italian Flow- ers Riviera. Distance from Monaco: barely more than 40 minutes. Centre Équestre Villeneuve-Loubet Director: Michael Herck. Main Championships and Certifications: • École Française d’Équitation. • Poney Club de France. • Cheval Club de France. • Equi-Handi Club. Main horse shows: • International Show Jumping Villeneuve-Loubet Tour (2018 edition) including: CSI 2 stars / CSI 1 star / CSIYH 1 star / CSI Ladies. • Other jumping competitions fixed periodically.  www.espace-azur-cheval.com Domaine du Jas de Madame – 2559 Route de Grasse – 06270 – Villeneuve-Loubet. Distance from Monaco: barely more than 40 minutes.