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HELLOMONACO TRAVEL CLUB serie «Flore». The bronze figure of the great local poet and novelist, Jorge Luis Borges, however, will plunge you into a veritable La- tino reality. We are indeed right at the furthest reaches of the globe. If we head further south, in the direction of Patagonia, we will reach Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the planet. Buenos Aires is first and foremost all about tango, with both its plaintive and cheerful tunes, lascivious and acrobatic moves, in- cluding street improvisations right in the middle of San Telmo or La Boca. «Melancholy is the happiness of being sad», Victor Hugo used to say. This is definitely apropos this dance that is symbolic of the country and has become iconic over the years. But the Argentine capital has equally set the course for mo- dernity. Puerto Madero with its elegant and futuristic tow- ers is quite emblematic of it. It is this cocktail of nostal- gia and contemporane- ity which immediately se- duces its visitors. Buenos Aires is an endearing and multifaceted capital that you can’t get enough of and that you leave with a desire to come back for more. Iguazu, the Water and the Jungle Buenos Aires, on the Tune of the Tango S ome people believe that it has a lit- tle bit of a Parisian feel of the seven- ties to it; for others, the sumptuous Hausmannian facades also evoke the grand boulevards of the French capital. It is true that the charm of Buenos Aires has some- thing European to it. Tortoni Café will remind you both of Rome or the famous Parisian bras- T he jungle, with its humid and still air, and the tremendous energy of the water; the combination is absolutely awe-inspiring. Seeing the Iguazu Falls, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and named among the world’s seven wonders of nature in 2011, is more of a revelation than a mere tourist trip. There is something powerful to it, that can’t be put into words, encouraging you to a deep reflection on nature, humanity and the uni- verse. It is something magical that forg- es the identity of the natives, a noble and smiling people that you can meet on your walk through the rain- forest. Living here in a village with its school and a spor ts f ield, these Guaraní Indians produce small wooden animal figures evoking the toucans and coatis of the jungle and some jewellery. They are fol- lowing their ancestral ways while striving to preserve their souls. Legend has it that a girl was sacrificed to the river to calm the evil spirits. She was thrown into the bubbling Devil’s Gorges from a height of 80 meters. Today the roar of the waterfall is joined by the clamour of cameras striving to immortalize these moments of grace. But the water, wild and powerful, con- tinues its frantic race. The saying of Heracli- tus that one never bathes twice in the same river, is so true. It is this movement, symbolic of life with all its richness that makes this place so magical. The cascades flow down, each one different from the other. They continue their course for another 30 kilometers when the Iguazu flows into the Paranà at site of the Argentine city of Puerto Iguazu. This is the remarkable point which is the renowned Triple Frontier from where your gaze embraces Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. This is another excep- tional experience to be had in this national park where nature seems to reign, and only lianas come to thwart the flight of vultures, the dance of butterflies and the leaps of small mammals. A kind of paradise. Hello Monaco Winter 2018–2019 / 41