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INVESTORY Some of the active crypto-backed loan platforms offer opportuni- ties for investors as well, offering returns that are comparable to or exceeding the returns of traditio­ nal microfinance businesses. There are three main options to invest in these projects: 4 P2P Model: Loans are given to a crypto HODLer directly. Plat- forms such as the American company BlockFI (https://block- fi.com) offer such opportunities. 4 Investing in the crypto-loan p r oj e c t by p u r c h a s i n g t h e crypto-backed loan service’s token: A great example of this is the Swiss company NEXO.io, which already offers its token on crypto exchanges. 4 Investing direc tly in funds: Learn more about this oppor- tunity by contacting YouToken Loan https:/youtokenloan.com. © https://youtokenloan.com/ 32 / Hello Monaco Winter 2018–2019 © ua.depositphotos.com American platform SALT Lending, states: «Get money without having to sell your favourite investment». The funds that are obtained in fiat money obtained from «crypto-pawnshops» can be spent on needs that are not associated with digital assets. While crypto HODLers are waiting for prices to return to acceptable lev- els for a crypto sale, borrowed cash can be used for day-to-day activities. Crypto enthu- siasts who actively follow the emergence of new tokens or the dynamics of long-existing digital coins can also use the obtained fiat money for buying additional crypto assets. There are over 30 different crypto loan services that currently exist in the cryp- to market. We are going to review three of the most interesting ones.