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Did you know? Monaco’s official Flags Официальные флаги Княжества Монако Another interesting minor curiosity is that there is another informal version of the flag occasionally illustrated on car plates where instead of monks there are buglers. a duo of the Prince’s initials, all on a white background and with a gold fringe. Prince Albert’s father, Prince Rainier’s, for exam- ple, showed the duo initials RR and Prince Albert’s has the duo initials AA. rus З www.wz.de наете ли вы, что у Монако не один флаг, а несколько? Начнем с прави- тельственного флага, богатого сим- воликой. Это белоснежное полотно с пол- ным гербом Княжества по центру. На гербе изображены двое бородатых обутых в туф- ли монахов с обнаженными мечами в ру- ках. Это напоминание о важном истори- ческом событии, случившемся 8 января 1297 года. Тогда Франсуа (Франческо) Гри- мальди по прозвищу «Хитрец» со своими солдатами внезапно напал на генуэзцев, занимавших глав- ную крепость на Скале. Под одеяниями монахов скрывались заточенные мечи. Так Франсуа обратил генуэзцев в бегство, D id you know that there is more than one flag? More on that later. Let’s start with the State Flag which is rich in symbolism. Prominent are two bearded monks, wearing shoes and brandishing swords. Go back to 1297 when François (Francesco) Grimaldi surprised the Genoese, who had garrisoned the Rock. François ap- proached with his soldiers in monk’s disguise and with swords hidden under their monks’ robes. They put the Genoese to flight to re- claim Monaco in the name of the Grimaldis. There is an interesting and little-known curi- osity, illustrated in past flags, with the monks shown as clean shaven. It is now firmly es- tablished that the symbolic monks on the Princely Flag are bearded. And before passing to the coat of arms on the flag, did you know that the word «Mo- naco» itself is Italian for monk? One way or another, François Grimaldi’s daring exploit could even be regarded to be en- shrined symbolically in the Principality’s own name. There is a lovely heraldic phrase for the decorative coat of arms on the shield with the attractive red diamond pattern on white. The phrase is «lozengey argent and gules» which are the colours of the Grimaldi family. Surrounding the shield is a collar showing the highest class of Order of Saint-Charles which was founded by Prince Charles III in 1858. All is surrounded by a royal cloak lined with ermine on which sits a Princely crown. At important points in Monaco’s history, and first in the 17th century, Monaco’s rulers were titled Princes, rather than Lords at its origin. Finally, there is the motto on the flag which is displayed on a scrolled ribbon below the Friars’ feet «Deo Juvante» («With God’s help»). The flag in its current form was adopted by Charles III. Returning to the subject of multiple flags, there is also the prom- inent National Flag of Monaco sporting the House of Grimaldi colours of broad equal red (on top) and white bands. This pre- sent bi-colour design again dates back to Charles III on April 4, 1881. Though sometimes mistakenly thought of linked to Sainte Devote the colours originate from the historic Grimaldi family and their place in the Genoese ruling elite, certainly dating back to at least 1339. When the Grimaldis established their independ- ence from Genoa they brought their colours with them. There is a third discreet flag personalized for each Prince with the Crown of Monaco over a motif showing Любопытно, что существует еще одна, неофициальная версия герба, которую обычно можно увидеть на номерных зна- ках автомобилей. Здесь вместо монахов изображены горнисты. Hello Monaco Winter 2018–2019 / 17