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POOR RICH KIDS © ua.depositphotos.com issues, a special phrase, metaphoric in na- ture, was created in scientific literature, quickly adopted by the press: the «silver spoon syndrome». It is manifested as early as in little children, and it fully reveals itself with teenagers or young people, trying to start an independent life. We must teach children to achieve their goals and experience satisfaction from this process. Children with «silver spoon syndrome» are passive, do not have any clear desire, ex- cept for material ones. They cannot bear the slightest disappointment, they are not well adapted to life, but constantly seek- ing pleasure — often in alcohol, drugs or car racing. They show no interest in the «family business», are ungrateful, indiffer- ent, inclined to antisocial behavior, depres- sion and even suicide. According to sta- tistics, the percentage of suicides among adolescents from wealthy families is higher than in other social groups. So what should parents do to protect their child from these destructive influences? I suggest five lines of action. Teach them to wait and persevere. Wealthy parents are in a position to easily buy and give gifts. Not only do we refuse © http://home.bt.com Hello Monaco Winter 2018–2019 / 147