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fine dining POOR RICH KIDS Marina Melia Marina Melia is mother of three children, a professor of psychology, a coach and a consultant to leaders in Russian business. She is author of bestsellers «Our Poor Rich Kids», «The Main Secret in the First Year of Life», «Business, It’s all about Psychology». rus Modern Recipes for Bringing up a Child in a Prosperous Family Рецепты воспитания ребенка в современной благополучной семье O ver the last fifteen years, I’ve been increasingly ap p ro a ch e d , by my clients who are mostly su cce ss f u l b usin e ss people, with questions related to their children’s upbringing. I thus made a sur vey involving 53 businessmen with a net worth ranging from a 100 million to several billion dollars. Most people want their children 146 / Hello Monaco Winter 2018–2019 to become their successors, capable of making independent decisions, setting and achieving their goals, taking responsibility and having leadership skills. And, naturally, knowing to respect and appreciate their parents, being able to love and be a friend, taking pleasure in their studies and progressing. This is not what happens every time, however. Parents having enormous financial resources at their disposal do not always manage to get the right result. What is the reason for it? According to the latest surveys, «privileged youth» nowadays are much more vulnera- ble compared to the previous generations. Unlimited consumption, the cult of suc- cess, individualism, perfectionism, com- petition — these are typical characteristics of life in modern society, resulting in great psychological problems. To describe these