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fine dining Keeping Monaco Healthy Beat the winter blues — NATURALLY! Susan Tomassini HelloMonaco is pleased to introduce Susan Tomassini, a licensed nutritionist and co-owner of The Clever Kitchen and Foodwise in Monaco. She contributes a column on healthy lifestyle to give our readers important information on eating well, staying healthy and finding balance in our often-hectic lives. Susan spent over 20 years as a model in Milan and after having children, devoted her life to studying health and nutrition. Her website, Foodwise (www.foodwise.life), offers practical nutrition and lifestyle advice. Through Monaco-based The Clever Kitchen (www.thecleverkitchen. com), Susan offers nutrition workshops with inspirational and realistic ways to stay healthy, featuring healthy recipes based on fresh, seasonal produce and nutrient-dense Superfoods. rus Сьюзен Томассини — сертифи­ цированный диетолог и н у три­ ц ион ис т. Б оле е 2 0 ле т Сьюз ен проработала моделью на модных показах в Милане, а после рождения детей посвятила себя изу чению и популяризации здорового пита ния. Сегодня у Сьюзен час тна я пра ктика, она возгла вл яе т п ро ек т ы Foodw ise и The Clever Kitchen, предлага я индивид уа льные програ ммы, помо­г а ющ ие л юд я м пер ей т и к здоровому образу жизни и решить п роблем ы с пи та нием. Сьюзен и будет нашим гидом на пу ти к здоровому образу жизни. БОРЕМСЯ С ЗИМНЕЙ ХАНДРОЙ Does your mood tend to sink in the winter? You might be suffering from seasonal affective disorder, or «SAD». Shorter, darker days are a well-known trigger for the «winter blues». The good news is that there are many natural ways in which you can elevate your mood, without resorting to chemical antidepressants. Ваше настроение зимой идет на спад? Возможно, вы страдаете от сезонного аффективного расстройства (САР). Дни становятся короче, ночи длиннее, и все это очень легко может вызвать зимнюю хандру. Однако не все знают, что существует много естественных способов поднять себе настроение, не прибегая к химическим средствам и антидепрессантам. What causes winter depression? Most of us have experienced bouts of gloom in the winter. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, it’s not a product of your imagination. Lack of daylight is probably to blame. Our eyes need to absorb an ad- equate amount of light to switch off pro- duction of the sleep hormone melatonin. It is thought that people with SAD over- produce melatonin which makes them feel lethargic and depressed. The chemical trap It’s vital to address SAD, because any kind of depression will affect your ability to enjoy life, interact with others and work properly. Symptoms can include low energy, being less sociable, sleeping more, eating more and having less interest in sex. Just like regu­ 142 / Hello Monaco Winter 2018–2019 lar depression, many health professionals often treat SAD with antidepressants. However, we now know that these psy- chotropic drugs, most of which act on lev- els of serotonin (the hormone that regu- lates mood), are in most cases ineffective and even dangerous. Large studies have shown that the effects of antidepressants on SAD are nonexistent, or at best, similar to a placebo. And although the positive effects of an- tidepressants are far from proven, their adverse side effects are numerous and well-documented: suicidal tendencies, increased violent behavior, stroke, glau- coma, sexual dysfunction — the list goes on. Antidepressants also create depend- ency and many people have a hard time regaining their psychic balance after us- ing them.