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there is the kidney-shaped infinity swim- ming pool carved out of the rock. Think of a famous name, a royal, an actress or model and the likelihood is she will have been pho- tographed posing in or by the salt water of this pool. Images of Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Grace come to mind. Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc has been likened to Princess Grace of Monaco, a grand lady, elegant, smiling, loveable and loving, beau- tiful and inspiring. Fitzgerald would have partied here obsessed with the mysteries of great wealth and the irreconcilability of the lifestyles of the rich with those of the rest of humanity. While cavorting in the grounds of the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc he may have been dreaming up the immortal line: «The rich are different from you and me». The Villa Eilenroc A t the end of Cap d’Antibes, in a beautiful wooded park of 11 hec- tares, stands the villa Eilenroc, built in the 1860s in Greco-Roman style, under the influence of the architect Charles Gar- nier, famous for creating the opera houses MONACO NEIGHBOURHOOD Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc of Paris and Monte-Carlo. A Dutchman Mr Hugh Hope Loudon, previously governor of the Dutch East Indies, had purchased this es- tate dedicating it to his wife Cornelia with an anagram of her name. Such a romantic start to a relationship that ended in bitter divorce and sale of this gem Eilenroc. From 1927 a mega-rich American, Louis Dudley Beaumont, and his wife Helene turned Eilenroc into a contemporary treas- ure-house calling on the best interior de- signers, world-renowned from Versailles, no less. Imagine glass sculptures from Lal- ique; state of the art central heating; and a connoisseurs’ bar by the shore, al fresco, of course. The Beaumont family threw raucous parties like no other. Mrs Beaumont in her final wish in 1988 donated Eilenroc to the City of Antibes. Jardin Thuret W ealth and eccentricity come in many shades, not always in fifty shades of grey or Great Gatsby- esque excess. In Gustave Thuret it was rein- carnated as a serious scientist. In fact, Thuret was an incredible researcher and a world- class expert on seaweed from the time he had spent on the French Atlantic coast. In 1857 Gustave Thuret moved his research to Cap d’Antibes on the Mediterranean where he continued his passion for science with a vengeance on the Cap d’Antibes promontory. He established a botanical gar- den there which became famous through- out the scientific world. So if you like to get back to nature and leave the allure of heady luxury and celebrity, take a walk around Jardin Thuret. Beautiful, Simple Cap d’Antibes © www.kty1.com Jardin Thuret 112 / Hello Monaco Winter 2018–2019 I magine that the aristocracy of Europe, Queen Victoria, Lord Brougham and Hugh Loudon had found another win- ter paradise. Imagine the wealthy American elite including Gerald and Sara Murphy and the Beaumonts had alighted on Cape Town in South Africa instead of Cap d’Antibes and the lost generation of literati including Fitzgerald had followed them there. And let’s imagine Cap d’Antibes without its cous- ins Monte-Carlo and Cannes without all the celebrity fanfare. What remains is the raw physical beauty of the land and the sea and the special light of the Riviera which will always attract the Pi- cassos, the Monets and the Chagalls. And there is another personality of the Cap that lives at ease in fact with the fab- ulous wealth hidden behind locked iron gates and high walls and almost oblivi- ous of it. The Cap has a democratic side, it has a local culture inextricably linked to its sister towns Antibes and Juan-les- Pins. Many stretches of shoreline, usually rocky, with some sandy stretches are pub- lic. And part of the magic of Cap Antibes is that living happily alongside the billion- aires and great private mansions one is also likely to encounter a regular Yvette or Jacques on the streets of its two sister towns. Natives congregate in the cafes or play pétanque. And they will love to play with you too. Join them but don’t expect to beat them! The Sentier du Littoral is always waiting for you at the pretty Plage de la Garoupe. And there is the Phare de la Garoupe to see, a small blinking green lighthouse. The lighthouse may have been the model for the green light on the dock that sym- bolized Jay Gatsby’s longing for the elu- sive Daisy. There is a pretty little church next to it. If your wallet extends to staying at Hôtel Cap- Eden-Roc then enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Otherwise find a bijou B&B near Plage de la Salis or in Antibes or Juan-les-Pins and spoil yourself anyway with freshly squeezed orange juice, cheeses and smoked ham, home-made jams and hot croissants laid out for breakfast. Cap d’Antibes will be a very easy pleasant stroll away and lovely beaches like Plage de la Garoupe and Plage de la Salis await your pleasure.