Hello Monaco magazine Winter 2018 - issue HM02 - Page 93

dynasty In 1309, RainierI established Chateau Grimaldi in Cagnes-sur-Mer thus made an alliance with the count of Flanders to monopolize trade between England and the continent. This quickly compromised many ports, especially along the French coast, which began to incur some serious losses. The wealthy merchants became a potential threat to the ruling nobility in Flanders. French King, Philip IV, supported the lords, while Edward I was standing with the merchants. In 1302, it all resulted in a military clash and the defeat of the aristocrats led by Philip IV. The French monarch was forced to seek help. Remembering the services offered to Charles of Anjou, Philip IV turned to Rainier Grimaldi. The Battle of Zierikzee Rainier brought 16 armed galleys to the French coast and Philip IV engaged 20 of his own ships. Rainier was in charge of training the French soldiers for the battle with the English, whose fleet was considerably inferior to the French. The Dutch and Flemish allies of England, however, had an excellent naval flotilla and reputation. The battle took place in August, 1304 at Zierikzee. Despite the superior enemy, the French fleet under Rainier’s leadership won the battle, and captured the Flemish Admiral, Guy de Dampier. In gratitude, King Philip IV granted Rainier the title of Admiral General of France and presented him with the French city of Villeneuve, in Normandy. The glory of Rainier’s f leet was phenomenal. His courage brought him fame all across the Mediterranean. The Rainier I family In 1309, Rainier built a fortress known today as the Chateau Grimaldi in Cagnes- sur-Mer. He was then given the title of lord of Cagnes. The Lord of Monaco was married twice. His first marriage was with Salvatica del Carretto, daughter of Giacomo del Carretto, Margrave of Finale (in Liguria). Salvatica gave Rainier four sons: Charles, Vinci Guerra, Salvaggia, and Luca, the future lord of Villefranche. Rainier’s second wife was Andriola Grillo, but they had no children. Admiral Rainier died in 1314, and his son Charles I became the next Grimaldi ruler. Hello Monaco – Winter 2018 / 91