Hello Monaco magazine Winter 2018 - issue HM02 - Page 47

MONACO WORDS OF WISDOM ENG HelloMonaco: What inspired you to start this company? Daniela Boutsen: When I was first with Thierry it was a little challenging for me because he was coming from a celebrity category, due to his first passion. So following my husband on the racetracks was for sure an amazing and exciting experience, but it didn’t fulfil me from my businesswoman side. So when we started Boutsen Aviation 20 years ago, it was absolutely fantastic because he was a businessman and I was a businesswoman and we were the perfect match. I could bring in my knowledge of building up a business, and he could bring in his second passion which is for aircrafts. But it was extremely technical, so it took me away from my art heart and artisan love. But then, six years ago, I had the opportunity to decorate two Airbuses, and I thought this was fantastic. I could bring in my talent for organisation and the creativity I always had in me. So it was really exciting because all of my experience came together in this new job. HM: Working with your partner can sometimes be difficult. Do you have any rules to separate business from personal life? DB: Well, I think we have a very special relationship. It is based on love but also very much based on respect. And I think respect is a keyword in our relationship, because you have to respect your business life together, but also you have to respect your private life together. It all comes naturally; we want to switch over to our private life once we are home. We don’t have any rules, but we had to learn. When we started our business, there was not the kind of communication there is today. So when we were at home there was more peace and privacy. But today, everything is connected and you have to reply immediately, so we had to learn over the years to adapt our lifestyle and be more disciplined and cut-off once we are at home. HM: Would you say that you are a happy woman? DB: I am a very happy woman. HM: How do you find happiness? DB: Happiness is different for everyone. I started with my husband 23 years ago and everyone knows that people can change and take different directions. In our case, we still want the same things and we are developing together. We are always taking care of each other and we continue to develop confidence together. For me, that is happiness. And one day, we will be sitting like a very old couple, on a bench outside looking back on a very happy life together. HM: Is harmony important for you? DB: Harmony is a very often-used word, but for me, it is a key word. Harmony means balance and I am extremely harmony oriented. I think this is my strong point. I’m always focused on everything going very smoothly because I need to have inner balance through harmony. So when I am with my family, it is very important for me that it is going smoothly and harmoniously. But also in business: I always make sure there is harmony in my company. I have 15 people working for Boutsen Design and harmony is extremely important. Working in a competitive world, with different nationalities, characters, and personalities, and being in a small space together, it can sometimes be a little bit challenging to find harmony. But I always ask if everything is fine, if someone is in trouble, if they need some help or advice. I think harmony within the company is important, and harmony with the outside, with yourself, with the universe, and for sure with your family. HM: How do you overcome obstacles? DB: When I’m facing a complicated situation, I like to go walking. I need to connect with nature. Or I have to do garden work. For me, it’s important to find solutions. Thierry likes to go on his bike for two to three hours, and then he comes back and he has found a solution. But normally I go hiking. I need to isolate myself, take some time out and listen to the birds and nature. Then slowly, but surely, the correct answers come. And then it’s very important to go back with Thierry and speak with him to get his opinion. I don’t always need his confirmation, but he is very good and precise in his advice. It’s very valuable. For me, success is the final client, sitting in his private jet, or enjoying an evening on his yacht and sending me an SMS saying it’s abso­ lutely great, what you did. HM: What is success for you? DB: Everyone can define success differently. For me, success is the final client, sitting in his private jet, or enjoying an evening on his yacht and sending me an SMS saying it’s absolutely great, what you did. HM: What value does money have for you? DB: Money doesn’t bring happiness; money brings security and stability. And you have to use it right. For sure, we