Hello Monaco magazine Spring-Summer 2018 - issue HM03 - Page 54

INVESTORY Regulation — the regulators will continue to move in on Bitcoin and ICOs but they will not eradicate them. They are becoming an important tool to raise capital and regulation will pave the way for institutional investors to provide more capital. Blockchain Tidal Wave — even if you do not invest in Bitcoin or ICO’s, expect Blockchain digitization to affect you. Everything from how your votes are recorded to how your medical and pro­perty re- cords are kept, to how you exchange money. It will have an impact on your life in the next year and definitely in the next few years. The big institutions will fight to avoid being eliminated by Bitcoin and Blockchain innovations. It threatens to take away their monopoly in financial transactions and data management.  Don’t expect banks, notaries, lawyers or government departments to lie down dead and be eliminated. They will adopt Blockchain themselves; they will adopt roles within the new wave of digitiza- tion. In the process they will become more efficient and more re- sponsive to customer wishes to take greater control of their own data and money.  © depositphotos.com HelloMonaco’s Crypto Pick w And then there is the juggernaut TELEGRAM ICO which pre- launch in private sales was targeted to bring in close to one and a half billion dollars in two phases and oversubscribed at times. In total if we count the much debated public distribu- tion phase, then that latter public launch is expected at time of press by some pundits to drive the value of the TON token to between $3 and $5 billion euros. This would definitely make Telegram’s ICO the leader by far to-date. Coins from that single ICO, if predictions are reliable (and they may not be), could pos- sibly be valued at more than the 4 billion dollars that the whole ICO/Crypto market raised in 12 months in 2017. The World Economic Forum has predicted, that by 2027, 10 % of global GDP is likely to be stored on Blockchain platforms. This is a mini-boom in itself and att racts start-ups who raise capital by issuing coins. w You must have heard of WhatsApp messenger. Telegram is the competing messenger-App with a big following in Russia and elsewhere. It is the brainchild of Pavel Durov, already an icon in Russia for creating VKontakte, Russia’s version of Fa- cebook. Tele­gram has global supporters among Bitcoin and Blockchain aficionados for a total to-date of about 200 mil- lion users. Money has flooded in from Asia, the United States and Rus- sia to buy into his ICO private sales. Telegram coins are called TONs. Initial funding «guesstimates» are already at almost $4 billion if one counts the two private sales target and add the much debated public launch. This is a mega-jumbo ICO by any measurement and made more attractive because it is a real business as opposed to a «currency» like Bitcoin.  w One notable statistic: Etherium, which after Bitcoin is argu- ably the best-known Crypto, was funded with 20 million dol- lars. It has millions of users and a market cap of about 80 billion dollars. Telegram is raising up to 200 times that much given the «guesstimates» at the time of press!!! Will it be a winner for all its investors? We can’t say for sure, but it will be a game changer. It also proves that the ICO market is an important source of venture capi­tal (while bypassing conventional ven- ture capitalists). Tele­gram has the potential for changing the Crypto Top 10 league table (by market cap), which still has Bit- coin in first place. 52 / Hello Monaco Spring–Summer 2018 © cryptomic.ru