Hello Monaco magazine Spring-Summer 2018 - issue HM03 - Page 52

INVESTORY becomes obsolete. Bitcoin was groundbreaking; but it was soon followed by Etherium, which added «smart contracts», making it more desirable for different transactions. There is always the chance that technology changes could make your Cryptos less attractive. Hacking. Your Cryptocurrency itself may be secure, but some exchanges have been vulnerable to hacking. If you entrust your Cryptos to an exchange for a short period of time, your invest- ment is only as secure as they are. Make sure you use a first-class exchange; for example Libertex (Libertex.org) has a Forex award as an exchange for Cryptocurrencies. Also, physical «digital wal- lets» can offer extra protection by storing your coins offline in a secured pen drive. © www-youtube-com-demo.sitemod.io more volatile than core stocks according to a study by J.P. Mor- gan. There are many failures — more than 50 % within the first 12 months, according to recent statistics. Even the winners can be a roller coaster ride on the way up, followed by sharp price corrections. Special Investors. Major investors form a special part of the market, and their significant holdings have the power to move markets. These include for- eign investors seeking safe havens (often from Asia), hedge funds and a few in- vestors with jumbo hold- ings like the Winklevoss brothers. Keep abreast of their movements. The rules of the game can change. Governments and regulators can step-in and change the rules. This © img.huffingtonpost.com is what recently happened with Cryptocurrencies. The importance of the Crypto market is increasing and every govern- ment and central bank is watching it closely. Despite the watch- ful eye of governments, it is important to keep in mind that the value of your Crypto investment is not protected. No government or bank insurance stands behind it, although increasing regula- tion of some parts of the market can be expected. The supply of cryptos can increase hugely: proponents argue that a Cryp- tocurrency like Bitcoin must go up in value because th