Hello Monaco magazine Spring-Summer 2018 - issue HM03 - Page 12

MAKING NEWS 21 st Rallye Monte- Carlo Historique 21 -е Историческое Ралли Монте-Карло T he 21st Historic Rally took place from January 31 to February 7 and was attended by 310 teams, and 25 nationalities. Don’t ask these vintage beauties their age, because even with the youngest cars over the 40-year mark, they roared to finish line as if they were new! The starting line-up was like an automotive catwalk of beauty and brawn, with 1960s Mini Coopers, 1970s Porsche’s and, of course, the France’s favourite car for overcoming serpentine mountain roads, the Renault Al- pine. 93 teams departed from Monaco, headed to Bur- goin-Jallieu, in the Rhône-Alpes, where they met with the rest of rally participants arriving from different European cities. From Oslo, 18 teams drove 1611 kilometres and an- other 18 teams from Glasgow drove 2020 kilometres for the meet up. On Friday, February 2, 38 teams from Barce­ lona, 58 from Bad Homburg and 97 from Reims moved to- wards the first checkpoint in the Alps. No mean feat con- sidering that 41 competitors had to abandon the race and another seven-veered off course. The Italian team Aghem/ Camino and the Gr