Hebe Jebes 2015 Issue JAN/FEB - Page 8

Reports Reports Mark Ashton Commodore Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year and a great year ahead out on the water. At the new members cocktail function in December, it was a great pleasure to present awards to five members for 25 years and to one, Ron Jackson-Smith, for 50 years of membership. This was an opportune moment to look at the history of the continual development of the Club’s facilities and the role that members play in our various committees. The Club does rely on members with various professional skills to step forward and offer a hand or some guidance in a number of areas. If you think that this could be you, please talk to any of the General Committee members or our General Manager, Alan Reid. On a final note, we hope to kick off a campaign to encourage more considerate motoring speeds in the moorings and when close to other vessels this year. We have commissioned the well known Hong Kong cartoonist and artist Gavin Coates to come up with some memorable and eye catching images to help spread this message. We ask all of our members to be ambassadors for responsible motoring and boat handling in general. It is getting more crowded out there, with many people in small crafts. 恭祝大家新年快樂,並在水上有很棒的新一年! Let’s make this year’s resolution to take care and be safe on the water. 希望大家都有在節慶季節裡,享用至少一次會所呈獻的活動: 特色午餐、帆船同樂日(Fun Sailing Day)或是除夕舞會 (New Year’s Eve Ball)。我最愛的活動是在廈門灣泳灘舉行 的元旦日海灘燒烤會和一系列兒童遊戲,我們歡迎你帶同親朋 好友一起參加。通常我在除夕晚的凌晨2時都會感到「不可能 發生」,但往往結果到了下午總會陽光普照,加上美食和更多 的啤酒令我恢復元氣,我一直都很高興我們為會員所舉辦的這 個「生還者派對」! Fair winds and happy sailing. I do hope that you have enjoyed at least some of the Club’s offerings over the festive season, whether our special lunches, fun sailing days or the New Year’s Eve Ball. A long favourite of mine is the simple New Year’s Day beach BBQ with children’s games at Hap Mun Bay Beach. This is an informal ‘bring your friends’ day. It always seems to be an ‘improbable’ at about 2.00am the evening before, but at the end of what is usually a sunny afternoon, and fortified by good food and (more) beer, I am always glad that we made the survivors party. Speaking of survivors, we will be starting site works for the new electricity substation early this year and, at the time of writing, we are awaiting the Town Planning Board Section 16 as part of the process towards replacing our boat rack system. We are obliged to replace the current version with a similar system compliant with current codes, but must first clear the statutory approval hurdles. 在12月舉行的會員迎新酒會上,我很榮幸頒發了25年長期會 員獎項予五位會員,及已成為會員長達50年的Ron JacksonSmith。這是一個很好的機會讓我們回顧會所設施多年來的發 展,及歷來各會員在各個委員會裡所擔當的角色。有賴會員們 的專業技能,樂於在各個領域伸出援手和提供指導,會所才得 以向前邁進。如果你認為自己也可以為本會出一分力,請聯絡 任何一位海事執行委員會委員或總經理Alan Reid。 最後,我們希望今年透過推出一系列宣傳活動,鼓勵會員在停 泊位或靠近其他船隻航行時,為他人著想,留意航速。我們邀 請了本港著名漫畫家和藝術家Gavin Coates協助,繪製令人 印象深刻和注目的畫作,以宣揚這個訊息。同時也鼓勵各位會 員親任大使,做個負責任的航行者和適當地處理船隻。另外, 海上也愈來愈擠迫,因為許多人都擠在一艘小船上。就讓水上 安全成為我們新一年